About Summer Dunes Village

How it works

Occupancy of the Village is on a Life-Right basis and governed by the Housing Development for Retired Persons Act 65 of 1988 and the Older Persons Act 13 of 2006. The village is registered as a Non Profit Organization.

Life rights are sold by the Summer Strand Retirement Village Trust who hold title to the development, and who determine the prices of Life Rights at the time of re-allocation.

Residents assume full responsibility for maintenance for the unit, with the Management Association assuming responsibility for Exterior Cleaning, painting and garden services.

At the termination of the life right, either by death or resident decision, it is re-allocated at the current price determined by the Trust. The resident (or their estate) receive 80% of this resale value, less the costs of refurbishing the unit for resale.

The Trust appoint a General Manager who acts as managing agent and life right re-allocation administrator. Residents are represented by the Summer Dunes Management Association who at their AGM elect five Village Board members from whom a chairman is appointed.

Two trustees complete the board who liaise with the General Manager in running the Village and representing the interests of residents.

Summer Dunes Retirement Village Organogram:


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What is Offered

Set in beautiful landscaped gardens, fully secured and 7 minutes from the beachfront, the village began development in 2006 and was fully commissioned in August of 2013.

Residents enjoy the following services:

  • Independent living in modern architecturally designed units
  • Primary health care clinic
  • Home based care which replaces the need for a Frail Care Unit
  • Catered meals
  • Library
  • Hairdresser
  • A modern Community Centre with Bar, games, library, hairdresser and Coffee Shop
  • Laundry services

  • Garden services
  • 24 hour manned Security and access control
  • Managing agent on site
  • Job card system with maintenance crew to attend to repair needs
  • Resident involvement through liaison committees covering all aspects of village life
  • Active interest groups like the Nature Club, Table Tennis, Garden committee

Configuration of Units and Sizes

Units vary in layout and finishes but as a rough guide Life Rights currently sell for R12 500 to R13 500  per square meter.

Bedroom Study Bathroom Garage Number of Units Average M2 Largest M2 Smallest M2
Independent Living Units 3 0 2 2 20 158 168 133
3 0 2 1 11 145 153 117
2 1 2 2 19 165 197 146
2 1 2 1 10 144 165 128
2 0 2 2 13 159 181 181
2 0 2 1 29 129 158 117
2 0 1 2 2 141 143 139
2 0 1 1 2 123 128 118
1 0 1 1 1 117 117 117
Assisted Living Units 1 0 1 0 10 48 48 48
Total Units   117

What are the Costs?

The Village is a registered Non Profit Organization and pays rates to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

Fixed Costs:

  • Common Levy: Calculated at R16.03 per square metre and excludes Primary Health Care levy of R125.70
  • Telephone Rental: R125.00
  • Meal Coupons Booklet: R 512.00 (to secure the caterers 8 meals per occupant of a unit per month are charged. More coupons may be purchased)
  • Municipal costs for refuse removal, water availability and sewerage availability are recovered from residents

Variable Costs

  • Electricity is metered per unit and recovered using municipal stepped tariff tables
  • Water is metered per unit and recovered using municipal tariffs

Optional Costs

  • DSTV: R385 – R555 (Retirement village bouquet options)
  • Cleaners: R39.50/hour
  • Gardeners: R39.50 / hour Soil/Compost on site at R42 per bag
  • Laundry: R59 / 5kg load wash and dry R28 / kg for ironing
  • Bar: very reasonable prices

Summer Dunes Retirement Village Nursing Procedures

Primary Healthcare

No service charge to residents who present themselves to the clinic. (Funded by the primary healthcare levy.) Consumables charged by usage (i.e. lab sticks, syringes and gloves.)


  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar / Hb, Glucose R36.00
  • Chronic Medication Management
  • Wound Dressing
  • Urine Test (Consumables) R34.00
  • Injections (Consumables) R20.00
  • Wound Care (Consumables)
  • Care-giver Supervision
  • Family Liaison
Professional Nurse: Office Hours Monday to Friday
07h30 – 13h00 and 13h45 – 16h00

Secondary Healthcare

No service charge to residents of Assisted Living Units. Service charged to residents of Standard Units per usage events.


  • Administration of medicine (residents stoc) R12.00
  • Blood Pressure R13.00
  • Blood test (Hb, Glucose) R49.00
  • Injections R33.00
  • Urine Tests R47.00
  • Wound Care Consumables Used From R13.00
  • Bath, Shower and Bed Made R55.00
  • Bed Making Only R23.00
  • Colostomy Care R55.00
  • Nail Care R55.00
  • Visit to Dr / Specialist / Physio / Pharmacy (Fuel) From R75.00